Did somebody say… USA?

Hi everyone,

For my international internship, a compulsory part of my school curriculum, I got the amazing chance to go to the USA and stay in a host family. Before leaving, I thought it would be appropriate to paint my nails extra special for the occasion and created the American flag. I had an amazing trip to the States, and my nails were very well received. I hope you like them too, and I’ll see you guys soon!

Did someone mention USA


It’s a green kind of day

Hi everyone,

Today’s nailart is a combination of stripes and a gradient. I used various shades of green over a white base, to make the colours pop and be able to add the neat white lines between the colours. I created these lines by using striping tape and placing it horizontally on my nails. The different shades of green I used are ‘Stylenomics’ by Essie, ‘Run Forest Run’ by Catrice, ‘Wasabi hint’ by L’oreal, ‘Sold out forever’ by Catrice, and ‘Did someone say nude?’ by Essence, from the limited edition collection ‘Season of Extremes’.


Have a great day and I’ll see you guys soon!

30 days nail art challenge day 16

Hi everyone,

Today  I will continue with the 30 days nail art challenge. As I’m back from Paris and in the middle of my autumn brake, I’m planning to do lots and lots of nail art these upcoming days! But for now, without any further ado I will go on to the nail art of day 16. The challenge for today was to make a tribal print nail art, and as you might know I did this before! In this post I showed you the orange tribal nails I created. This time I chose completely different colors: black, white and grey. I used the polish nr. 59 Black is back from Essence, my brand less white and a mixture of the two to create the grey. The overall nail art turned out to be quite dark, which is something I would probably change if I’d recreate this nail art. Furthermore I think it looks fine, and I hope you like it. Below is the second picture of the nail art, and I’ll see you soon!

30 days nail art challenge day 15

Hi everyone,

After not-blogging for quite some days, today I’m back with another nail art for you guys. Today’s nail art belongs to the nail art challenge day 15 and it is supposed to be a delicate print. I don’t know what about you guys, but I honestly didn’t know what to do with this days challenge. After searching on google for some inspiration, I discovered almost everyone used stamping plates for this nail art. To me, this is not a real form of nail art, so I decided to just try and create an abstract pattern on my nails. The colors I used are nr. 880 No Snow Petrol from Catrice as a base color, and a mixture of white and nr. 400 Blue Cara Ciao from Catrice to create the stripes. As a finishing touch I applied the color Sea Pearl from H&M on top of the stripes, to give them a subtle shimmer. The end result is shown above and below, I hope you like it and I will see you soon!

30 days nail art challenge day 12

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying your free Sunday, and that you’ll enjoy the nail art I made today! As you can see, the theme of today was stripes. I used the color 850 Aretha’s R-E-S-P-I-N-K from Catrice as a base color, and allowed it to dry completely. Then I applied nr. 59 Black is back from Essence on top of it. Using a toothpick, I drew the lines in the still wet black polish in such a way that the pink underneath it showed up. It’s quick, easy and fun, and can be combined with a lot of colors! Another fun idea is to first make a rainbow gradient as a base color and then to add the black and draw the lines in it. Below is the second picture of this nail art, and I hope to see you soon!

30 days nail art challenge day 8

Hi everyone,

Today I have the metallic nail art for you guys, which belongs to day 8! I used the color nr. 140 Let’s Mauve On! from Catrice, and nr. 59 Black is back from Essence. I’m not really sure whether or not I like this color, because in the sunlight, it looks gorgeous (as seen on the picture above, and the second picture below), but once I’m inside it doesn’t look that great. Without the sunlight you won’t see the glitter (as seen on the first picture below), and without the glitter the color doesn’t look really good with the color of my hands. Furthermore I just made a really simple nail design, because I didn’t really know what to do with this day challenge. Below are the other pictures of my nails. I hope you like it, and I’ll see you soon!

30 days nail art challenge day 3

Hi everyone,

Today I made the nail art challenge day 3, which is the yellow nail art. I instantly knew I wanted to make a bumble bee nail art, and after searching for some inspirational pics and thinking about my design I created my nail art. As a base color I used nr. 95 Wanna be your sunshine by Essence. The black color is Nero by Gosh. This nail art is quite happy and bright, and might look a bit childish. However, I like it for the variation. You can add more details if you like to, but this isn’t necessary. I hope you like my nail art, and for more pictures you can look below. See you soon!

30 days nail art challenge day 2

Hi everyone,

Today I will continue with the 30 days nail art challenge. The challenge for day two is to make orange nails. I decided to make go for orange tribal nails. After watching this video from Cutepolish, I decided to make it as well. I changed the colors to make the nail art fit it to the challenge, and changed the design a bit to. The colors I used are nr. 865 Yellow Sub-Mandarin from Catrice, nr. 95 Wanna be your sunshine from Essence, nr. 59 Black is back from Essence, and the white tip painter from Essence. I really like the end result, and I hope you like it to! Below are the pictures ofthe end result, and I will see you soon!

30 days nail art challenge day 1

Hi everyone,

Today I’m excited to announce that I am going to start with the 30 days nail art challenge. I won’t do every day a nail art from this challenge, but I’ll try to do one every two days. This is what the challenge consists of: Afbeelding

And today I will start with the first nail art, the red one. I chose to use two different red nail polishes, the nr. 360 Raspberry Fields Forever, and nr. 550 Marilyn & Me from Catrice. I first applied nr. 360 and then on top on that a mat top coat. I then made on two nail horizontal and three nails vertical stripes with nr. 550. This is the result:

Have you guys also done the 30 days nail art challenge? Send me a link of your blog!