30 days nail art challenge day 8

Hi everyone,

Today I have the metallic nail art for you guys, which belongs to day 8! I used the color nr. 140 Let’s Mauve On! from Catrice, and nr. 59 Black is back from Essence. I’m not really sure whether or not I like this color, because in the sunlight, it looks gorgeous (as seen on the picture above, and the second picture below), but once I’m inside it doesn’t look that great. Without the sunlight you won’t see the glitter (as seen on the first picture below), and without the glitter the color doesn’t look really good with the color of my hands. Furthermore I just made a really simple nail design, because I didn’t really know what to do with this day challenge. Below are the other pictures of my nails. I hope you like it, and I’ll see you soon!