30 days nail art challenge day 9

Hi everyone,

Today I will continue with the 30 days nail art challenge. I’ve thought a lot about which nail art I wanted to make for day nine, were the challenge is to make a rainbow nail art. I first wanted to make nyancat-nails, but because I’ve made them before I decided to go for something new! I used the nail polish nr. 59 Black is back from Essence as a base. After letting that dry completely, I used the colors nr. 360 Raspberry Fields Forever, nr. 240 Sold Out For Ever, and nr.  400 Blue Cara Ciao from Catrice. I also used nr. 95 Wanna be your sunshine from Essence and a mixture of my brand less white and nr. 08 from Hema. I took my dottingtool and dipped into these different colors to make the hearts. It didn’t take me really long to make, but it took ages to dry completely! I like the happy and bright end result and I hope you like it to! Below is the other picture from this day’s nail art, and I will see you soon!

30 days nail art challenge day 6

Hi everyone,

Today I made day six of the 30 days nail art challenge, which is the violet nail art. I started to make the nail art, but soon I noticed it wasn’t working out the way I wanted. Eventually I ended up making two different nail arts, but I wasn’t really happy with either one of them. I eventually chose for the second nail art, which is shown above. For this nail art, I made white dots on my nails with my dotting tool, and in these dots I created smaller dots with a purple polish. The colors I used are nr. 190 Wrapped Around My Finger from Catrice, nr. 08 from Hema and a white polish which has no brand.

When I was making pictures of the nail art, it strongly reminded me of the ‘evil eye‘. If you don’t know the evil eye; it is believed to be able to cause injury or bad luck! I, of course, hope that it doesn’t work like this if you just look at it ;). I’d like to see you soon at my next nail art, which will hopefully turn out better!