Did somebody say… USA?

Hi everyone,

For my international internship, a compulsory part of my school curriculum, I got the amazing chance to go to the USA and stay in a host family. Before leaving, I thought it would be appropriate to paint my nails extra special for the occasion and created the American flag. I had an amazing trip to the States, and my nails were very well received. I hope you like them too, and I’ll see you guys soon!

Did someone mention USA

30 days nail art challenge day 11

Hi everyone,

As I did day 10 of the 30 days nail art challenge yesterday, today it’s time to go on to nail art number 11. This is, as you probably noticed on the first picture, a polka dot nail art! The base color is nr. 860 Browno Mars from Catrice, which is a gorgeous brown color with a lot of sparkles and shimmer. The dots are made with my brand less white polish, using my dotting tool. It is a really simple and quick nail art, but I think it looks really cute! Below is the other picture of the nail art, and I hope to see you soon!

30 days nail art challenge day 6

Hi everyone,

Today I made day six of the 30 days nail art challenge, which is the violet nail art. I started to make the nail art, but soon I noticed it wasn’t working out the way I wanted. Eventually I ended up making two different nail arts, but I wasn’t really happy with either one of them. I eventually chose for the second nail art, which is shown above. For this nail art, I made white dots on my nails with my dotting tool, and in these dots I created smaller dots with a purple polish. The colors I used are nr. 190 Wrapped Around My Finger from Catrice, nr. 08 from Hema and a white polish which has no brand.

When I was making pictures of the nail art, it strongly reminded me of the ‘evil eye‘. If you don’t know the evil eye; it is believed to be able to cause injury or bad luck! I, of course, hope that it doesn’t work like this if you just look at it ;). I’d like to see you soon at my next nail art, which will hopefully turn out better!