30 days nail art challenge day 17

Hi everyone,

Today the adventure of the 30 days nail art challenge continues with the nail art of day 17. The challenge for this day was to create glitter nails. To be honest, I don’t consider glitter nails as a real nail art. It is just a special top coat you apply on top of the normal polish, so actually nothing really special. Nonetheless, as the challenge contains a glitter nail art, I made glitter nails! As a base color I used the polish nr. 60 (or 09, I have no idea, haha) by SOHO, which is a dark, burgundy red. On the pictures the color doesn’t really show, in real life it is a lot darker. On top of this I applied the nail art special effect topper nr. 11 Disco Disco by Essence. The end result is a clean and simple nail design, which isn’t very difficult to create and therefore a good option when you are in a hurry but still want your nails to look good. Below is the second picture of the end design, and I will see you guys soon!