Roses nail art

Hi everyone,

Today I have another nail art for you guys, and this time it is with roses! I have made this nail art before with different colour combinations; a black background with red/white roses, a green background with coral/white roses and a couple of different variations. For now, I liked these colors because they are happy and bright. The nail art itself isn’t really difficult to make, so I will give you guys a quick how-to. As always, you start with a base coat, and two layers of the base colour. The colour I used is 240 Sold Out For Ever from Catrice. Next I used my dotting tool to make four dots with nail polish; two coral ones opposite of each other and two white ones opposite of each other. In the end I got a square of four nail polish dots. To make these dots I used the colors 030 Meet Me At Coral Island from Catrice and 01 Ahoy! from the 50’s girls reloaded LE from Essence. I used a thin wooden stick to swirl through the colours and in this way make the roses. I also made a white dot in the middle as the ‘heart’ of the rose. To finish it, I used the color 340 Run Forest Run from Catrice to make the leaves of the roses. At the end I applied a top coat and the design was finished! I hope you like it, and I will see you guys soon!

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