Catrice stash

Hi everyone,

Today I want to show you my Catrice stash, from which I have 25 nail polishes. About half of all the nail polishes I have are from Catrice. I like them because they are quite cheap and have a decent quality. The first nail polishes I will show you are all normal coloured ones, then I will show you some from a limited edition, and finally I will also show you some top coats. I’ll show you the polishes in order of the numbers, starting with the lowest number. From left to right:

030 Meet Me At Coral Island, 140 Let’s Mauve On!, 170 I Scream Peach!, 190 Wrapped Around My Finger, 240 Sold Out For Ever, and 340 Run Forest Run!

360 Raspberry Fields Forever, 400 Blue Cara Ciao, 410 Pool Party At Night, 480 Miss Piggy Reloaded, 550 Marilyn & Me, 580 Blues Brother Vol. II

620 Captain Sparrow’s Boat, 850 Aretha’s R-E-S-P-I-N-K, 860 Browno Mars, 865 Yellow Sub-Mandarin, 880 No Snow Petrol, 900 Steel My Heart

CO4 Drama Queen (LE Welcome To Vegas), CO3 Looking Sunkissed (LE Bohemia), 060 Mona Lisa Is Staring Back (Ultimate Nudes), 120 French Rosé

CO4 Shake It! Flake It! (LE Million Styles), Frosting Top Coat, Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat.

I don’t really have a favorite nail polish, but I really like No Snow Petrol and Meet Me At Coral Island. My Catrice stash grows every month, and when I have a couple of new colors I will show you guys the swatches. Do you also like Catrice and do you have a lot of polishes from them? And what is your favorite color? Leave it in the comments!

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