Water marble Nail art

Hi everyone,

Today I want to show you my water marble nail art. Water marble is a special nail art technique which works like this; first you take a cup and fill it with water. I recommend using a plastic or cardboard cup, because it will get very messy and then it is easier to just be able to throw the cup away instead of having to clean it. You should make sure the water is at room temperature, otherwise the water marble nail art won’t work. Choose three or four colors of nail polish you want to use, and unscrew the caps of all of them so you will be able to work quickly. Put colorless tape on your finger around your nails to make sure there wont be a whole lot of nail polish on your finger when you’re finished. Carefully drop one drop of every nail polish color in the water. If it is done correctly, the nail polish will distribute in the water and become lighter. If you’ve dropped around two drops of every color in the water, you pick a toothpick. use it to carefully draw lines in the nail polish. Go from the outside to the inside or the other way around. If you are happy with the way your pattern looks then dip your nail into the water. Keep it underwater and pick another toothpick. Put this in the water and make circular motions. Now the remaining nail polish will come onto the toothpick and you can take it out of the water. Now also take your finger out of the water and remove the tape. If necessary take a cotton swab and remove the nail polish at the edges of your nails.
It is important to take all these steps quickly after each other so your nail polish won’t dry while it is in the water. If you apply this technique to all your nails you will get an amazing nail art! Unfortunately it costs some time and it is quite messy. It took me an hour and a half to complete all my ten fingers! Don’t become discouraged if it doesn’t work the first time you try it; it needs some practice. Have fun!

5 thoughts on “Water marble Nail art

  1. wow, supergoed gelukt! ik heb het vorig jaar een keertje geprobeerd, maar laten we het erop houden dat het echt grandioos faalde… misschien doe ik binnenkort nog eens een nieuwe poging! jouw nagels zijn echt mooi 🙂 ♥

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