Miss sporty Nail patches

Hi everyone,


Today I want to talk to you about the Fabulous Nail Patches from miss sporty. There are four different prints; Commando, Fierce Leopard, Sweet Heart en Zebra. I went to the shop and bought the print Sweet Heart. The nail patches promise to hold for ten days, and I will give you my review of them.

The nail patches have come in a long package, which contains 10 patches. I don’t think this is very handy, because if you ruin one of your nails, you don’t have a spare sticker to try it again. Furthermore I think the package is pretty good, it is simple black and white with pink details. I like the see-through part at the front, this makes it easy to see what you are buying. On the back are instructions of how to apply the patches, although these aren’t really precise.

If you open up the package you see the ten patches. They are easy to peel of the plastic, and can immediately be applied on your nails. Applying the patches is not really difficult, you just have to get used to it. Because of this, the first couple of nails I did didn’t look that good, but the others looked better although I still didn’t really like it. It is not as easy as it seems to file off the remaining part of the patch; the patches tear very easily. On the picture below you see how my nails looked when I applied all the nail patches. I don’t think it looks that good. You can see a lot of air bubble, even though I made them go away for a while, they keep coming back. You can also see that on my pink the patch is damaged at the side, this happened when I filed off the remaining part of the patch. Fortunately, the patches look a lot better on your nails if you don’t look this closely or if you move your hands like you normally do.

Overall I’m not completely satisfied with these nail patches, but they are not very expensive and if you look at them from a greater distance, they look a lot better. The miss sporty Nail patsches can be bought at the Etos in Holland for €2.99.

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