Blue gradient nails

Hi everyone,

Today I want to show you my favorite nails of the moment. I make gradient nails when I don’t have time to make a full nail art or when I’m not in the mood for something difficult. A gradient is classy, beautiful and fairly easy. This time, I used three colors from Catrice: nr. 400 Blue Cara Ciao, nr. 410 Pool Party At Night and nr. 580 Blues Brother Vol. II. I will quickly explain to you how I made this gradient;
 The equipment consists of nothing special: a base coat, preferably three different shades of the same color nail polish, a make-up sponge, and finally a top coat. First apply the base coat on your nails, let it dry and then apply the first color to your entire nail. It is useful to start with the lightest color, then the other colors wont need more layers to cover. Let this dry to and then drip some nail polish on a piece paper. Dip the make-up sponge in it and pad the nail polish on your nail. Cover a approximately 2/3 of your nail. Make sure you create a nice overflow of the two colours. If needed you can even apply the first color with the make-up sponge on the ‘border’ of the two colours to make sure it looks good. The next step is to apply another layer of the second color if needed, but when this isn’t necessary you can just continue with the third color. Pad this color on approximately 1/3 of your nail, and make sure you make a smooth overflow again. To finish it of, you can apply some glitter on the top colour, but of course you don’t have to. End with a top coat and your gradient nails are done!

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